Tongue Tie Doulas are grouped geographically, with areas listed in alphabetical order. Within each area, providers are listed in alphabetical order, by last name. As you look through the database, if you don’t find someone in the exact area or field you’re looking for, contacting the closest you can find is recommended. Part of being a TTD is always working to create, and expand, one’s local tongue tie community so as to have as many resources as possible. A certified TTD is likely to have suggestions about quality options in other fields or adjoining geographical areas.


Whatever title they may be using, these exceptional care providers are the ones holding mothers as they cry, and sitting with fathers as they rage, and empathizing with babies as they struggle to learn a skill they were meant to learn before ever breathing air. Always on the cutting edge of care, a Tongue Tie Doula works to support evolution toward improvement. They never settle for accepting an unmet need. And always, always know that at the end of the day, the parents and babies are the real heroes.


Columbia Area

Krystin Leonard Kristyn Leonard, CLC
 Private practice lactation counselor serving the greater Columbia, SC area.



KimShirkKimberly Shirk PA-C
Family practice PA specializing in functional medicine and pediatrics
TT Savvy lactation care on staff

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