Revision Inservice


The Deluxe Inservice Package includes…

90 minutes of staff education, to cover:

Comprehensive Care for Tethered Oral Tissues

  • Elements needed to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary course of care resulting in ideal outcomes

  • The experiences, mindset, and needs with which parents will be arriving

  • Classification of tethered oral tissue, expectations, and lingo

  • Ideal language to use in establishing parent confidence

  • Appreciation of symptoms indicating functional handicaps

  • Long term consequences of choosing not to revise that can guide decision making

  • Primary concerns parents carry

  • Common complications caused by patients post procedure

  • Aftercare protocols that enable ideal healing and minimize trauma

  • Application of the Centering Model of Healthcare to maximize both outcomes and efficiency


Customized Branded Paperwork for parents before and after revision.



Live modeling of facilitation of the Centering Model of Care with 5-7 dyads including:

  • Performing any needed assessments

  • Explaining procedure

  • Teaching healing expectations

  • Conveying techniques for active wound management

  • Assisting on needed revisions to include

    • feedback on full release for functional capacity

    • options for restraining

    • tips for gaining optimal oral access

  • Post procedure calming and comfort

  • Instructions for followup and resolution


Discussion and processing afterward

Followup moving forward while getting established with routines and procedures









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