Tongue Tie Doulas are grouped geographically, with areas listed in alphabetic order. Within each area, providers are listed in alphabetical order,by last name. As you look through the database, if you don’t find someone in the exact area or field you’re looking for, contacting the closest you can find is recommended. Part of being a TTD is always working to create, and expand, one’s local tongue tie community so as to have as many resources as possible. A certified TTD is likely to have suggestions about quality options in other fields or adjoining geographical areas.



Fayetteville (Fort Bragg)

JillianJillian Diffenbaugh LMBT
Specializes in Myofascial Release to assist with pain reduction and management while
facilitating structural change before and after revision


Partner-Dr-Faith-McGibbon-Pediatric-DentistDr. Faith McGibbon, DDS
Pediatric dentist providing dental services to children
more than 15 years experience treating tongue and lip ties in children of all ages
offers laser frenectomies with lactation and bodywork support on site
910-485-8884 (ask to speak to Jessica Maldonado)



Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)

MeJessica Altemara, IBCLC
The original TTD
Providing home visits, support group, and revision support
for breastfed babies and toddlers


SarahPiersantiSarah Piersanti, LMBT
Focusing on bodywork for infants and children who are
or were recently tongue tied


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