Educational Opportunities

The Tongue Tied Doula offers a variety of potential educational opportunities through a number of formats and levels. Our goal is to support communities in expanding education, as well as services, surrounding tethered oral tissues. For details on each option, please click on the title to read the summary on the page. Contact us with interest in exploring any or all of these options. Customized opportunities can also be arranged via direct contact. Unlike a tethered lingual frenulum, we are flexible!



Creating A Care Plan for Tongue Tie

(5 CERPs, 5-8 hours, advanced)


ID-100157873 (2)

Tongue Tie for Bodyworkers



Tongue Tie from Beginning to End

(3 CERPs, 3 hours, entry level)


  1. I am interested in your educational opportunities. Is there a web series and/or location to attend?
    I am interested in all three programs, Tongue Tie from the Beginning to End, Tongue Tie for Bodyworkers and Creating A Care Plan for Tongue Tie. I have been an IBCLC for 15 years and looking into specializing.
    Thank you,

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