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The Tongue Tie Doula offers live, in person presentations of varying levels for professionals (and parents) who wish to learn more about addressing tongue tie and other tethered oral tissues. Below are seminars and workshops already organized and open for registration. A catalog of all workshops and seminars offered can be found on the Educational Opportunities page for anyone interested inĀ  speaking presentations or organizing an event.

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  2. Thank you for sharing such an organized and informative plan/list for our families to enjoy. It can be a very stressful time, especially for first time moms and dads. We discuss all these topics, during phone call from me before the visit, at the consult/treatment visit, and send home written instructions. Sometimes, three times is enough to get to essentials across. I review all again in the evening post-revision phone call, and again at the first post-op visit, on day 7 or 8. Each family has my cell phone number (for after hours calls) and my office number. I really enjoy playing a tiny role in these family’s health and happiness. Thanks again for such a useful listing! Best regards, Rob Marcus, DDS, cell 410-585-45727, office 410-526-5050, 409 Main Street, Reisterstown, Maryland 21136

    • Thanks so much Dr Marcus! It sounds like you are doing your best to work with the fact that parents are so overwhelmed that it’s really hard to integrate all the information about the complex needs of a baby post revision. It’s why what tongue tie doulas call the 3 pillar approach helps so much. The reviser providing excellent support, such as yourself, backed up by an educated IBCLC or SLP and a great bodyworker all backing each other up with the same message!

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