Become a Tongue Tie Doula

Are you ready to become a Tongue Tie Doula?! This is an investment in showing a real commitment to enabling optimal care when it comes to oral restrictions. The process is streight forward and thoughtful, including 5 steps…

1. Take the basic, Tongue Tie Ally course. This is 3-5 hours of basic tongue tie education. Professionals can apply to bypass this step on an individual basis. This will soon be available online!

2. Take a recognized Tongue Tie Doula hands on workshop. Through a full weekend workshop including lecture, role playing, observation, and hands on training, a TTD workshop will cover

  • Identifying Red Flags for TT structurally and functionally
  • Understand how tongue function factors into suckling, mastication, and speech
  • Differentiate between true ties and myofascial restrictions
  • Gain awareness of long term implications of tongue tie
  • Build a care coordination team utilizing the Three Pillar Approach™
  • Prepare parents for the revision experience
  • Be proficient in before and after care options for revision
  • Acquire tools for having challenging conversations with parents and professionals on the subject or oral restrictions
  • Describe healthy healing post revision and common complications
  • Have awareness of common structural co-morbities
  • Learn how to become accurate and thorough with assessment of tongue ties and spot the associated signs and symptoms.
  • Hear about revision tools, techniques, and procedures
  • Find out the tools for optimizing function and healing, including management of babies whose parents choose not to revise

At this point you will be Tongue Tie Doula trained. The next step is to be certified! This is an introspective and self evolving process including several exercises.

3. A field specific training module that further evolves practice and clinical skills for patients appropriate to your scope of practice.

4. A self biography exercises that includes


  • Identifying any personal biases relevant to this work
  • Exploring experience for gaps or flaws
  • Working through potential patients who will challenge personal feelings

5. Creating a local resource list compliant with the Three Pillar Approach™  as well as connect, collaborate, and plan with as appropriate including creating handouts.

6. Submit 3 case studies exhibiting implementation of a functional medicine mindset, bigger picture care plan, and full scope of care.

After moving through this process with your TTD mentor you’ll be approved as a Certified Tongue Tie Doula and can become a part of the amazing community that is committed to exceptional care for families! Contact Us to learn more.


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