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Welcome to the Tongue Tie Doula™!

We want to raise the bar on care for families struggling with tongue tie! We’re calling on professionals to invest in evolved, functional based education that looks at the bigger picture and includes the presence and support that lives up to the depth of the title doula. We know some of you are already Tongue Tie Doulas™ and ready to compel others to take the baton of cutting edge care. Tools for multidisciplinary learning and teaching are at your fingertips!


The issue of tongue and lip ties (or tethered oral tissues) is one that can be controversial and confusing. Comprehensive professional resources are hard to come by. We strive to provide educational services and opportunities for professionals who desire better preparation and understanding of tongue tie as well as those who want support in educating other professionals.

This central hub for people who are interested in the cutting edge field of tongue tie will offer a number of approaches for education including workshops, seminars, webinars, interviews, and articles. Additionally, mentoring and coaching services in person and via Skype are options. Check out what it means to be a Tongue Tie Doula.

This field is one constantly evolving and, thus, so is our library. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need we might have ideas on meeting.


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